The Carer Support Needs Assessment Tool Intervention (CSNAT-I) represents a change in practice. This therefore requires preparation and training before getting a practice licence. This involves training both in the use of CSNAT-I and in its implementation in routine practice. We have developed an online CSNAT-I Training and Implementation Toolkit for this purpose.


  • Step 1

    Get an Implementation Team together, identify ‘champions’ and consider resource requirements. Download our Preparation document and Getting Started With Implementation.

  • Step 2

    The team should complete the Training and Implementation Toolkit Learning Unit 1 (using CSNAT-I) and Learning Unit 2 (organisational considerations for implementation).

  • Step 3

    For the organisation or department implementing CSNAT-I.

  • Step 4

    Practitioners can complete the Training and Implementation Toolkit Learning Unit 1 online. Alternatively, the Implementation Team may prefer to cascade Learning Unit 1 training to practitioners, by downloading Learning Unit 1 materials for this purpose.

  • Step 5

    Use materials from the Training and Implementation Toolkit, Learning Unit 2 including designing a CSNAT-I delivery plan to embed CSNAT-I in practice.

  • "Get some people behind you that are also interested in implementing the CSNAT-I to help sell it to the team members. You need someone on the ground, who’s there, who’s enthusiastic about it, to support the others in it. And who can help give clear pointers, when using it and when having loads of discussions."


Learning Unit 1

Learning Unit 1 covers the use of the CSNAT Intervention in practice and is for everyone involved in using or supporting the use of CSNAT-I within an organisation.

Both the Implementation Team and practitioners who will be using CSNAT-I need to complete Learning Unit 1.

Learning Unit 2

Learning Unit 2 covers the implementation of CSNAT-I within an organisation, the planning process, carrying out a small pilot, training colleagues and sustaining implementation of CSNAT-I in the longer term.

Only the Implementation Team needs to complete Learning Unit 2.


Watch this short video clip to help you and your organisation get the most out of this online learning experience.

The Toolkit is available free of charge and has CPD endorsement so practitioners can gain professional accreditation. The Toolkit is hosted by NIHR ARC Greater Manchester