The CSNAT-I team consists of a multi-disciplinary group of researchers from three universities; the University of Manchester, the University of Lancaster and the University of East Anglia.

During the course of the different CSNAT and CSNAT-I research and implementation studies, we have worked with a wonderful team of researchers:

From University of Manchester:

  • Dr Lynn Austin
  • Ms Caroline Brundle
  • Dr Sarah Croke
  • Dr Janet Diffin
  • Dr Alex Hall
  • Dr James Higgerson
  • Ms Debbie Jones
  • Dr Christine Rowland

From University of Lancaster:

  • Professor Sheila Payne

From University of East Anglia:

  • Ms Kerry Mickelwright

We would like to give special thanks to our funders for making the CSNAT-I programme of research and implementation possible.

We would like to thank Dr Janet Diffin for developing and maintaining our original website. Updating of the current version of has been supported by NHS England.