The CSNAT (the tool itself) is protected by copyright, held by the Universities of Cambridge, Manchester and East Anglia. Therefore, a licence is required for all uses of the tool.

You can download the required licence agreement below. Please note, no amendments can be made to the terms and conditions of the agreement.


Please read the guidance below before requesting a licence. The licence is free of charge for health and social care professionals and researchers from non-commercial organisations.

Please contact us if you are from a commercial organisation at and

  • Copies of the CSNAT may only be made for the organisation(s) or research study and for the purpose documented on the licence.
  • To maintain its integrity, the tool (CSNAT) is protected by copyright: no changes can be made to its instructions, questions or structure. This means that its wording, response categories, order of questions and copyright statement must remain intact.
  • The licence does not give permission to incorporate the CSNAT (the tool itself) into electronic records. The CSNAT-I Support Plan can be put on an electronic record system to record the Stage 3 Assessment conversation. Download below a copy of the Guidance on use of CSNAT-I on e-record systems for more detailed information on CSNAT-I on electronic record systems.
  • The licence does allow you to send the CSNAT to carers by post or email, as part of the delivery of CSNAT-I or as part of your research study and to circulate it electronically within your organisation/research team.
  • Other than the use permitted by the CSNAT Licence, the CSNAT (the tool itself) must not be reproduced in its entirety in any publication or report or online or otherwise shared or made available to the general public in any form or in any media. No more than four domains/questions may be shown on any presentation. For further information, contact [email address].
  • Copyright notices and acknowledgements must be included on all copies of the CSNAT.
  • The following acknowledgement of use of the CSNAT must be included in any publications relating to its use: The CSNAT is a copyright tool which requires a licence for its use. For details about accessing the CSNAT and the licensing process, please visit