Update on the latest CSNAT research


We have two research projects currently running in collaboration between the University of Manchester and University of Cambridge, exploring the use of the CSNAT in different settings.

In the CSNAT hospital discharge study, we are looking at the feasibility of using the CSNAT to support carers of people at hospital discharge at end-of-life. We are working with hospital and community palliative care practitioners in one local NHS Trust. These practitioners have been using the CSNAT for around 6 months. We are currently analysing their reflections on their experiences of using the CSNAT. This work is supported by NIHR CLAHRC Greater Manchester.

In the CSNAT-MND study, we are exploring the use of the CSNAT in the context of Motor Neurone Disease. We are working with three specialist NHS MND services. In stage 1, we held focus groups with carers to explore their support needs when caring for someone with MND. This information fed into stage 2, where we worked with carers and practitioners to develop the CSNAT materials for use in the context of MND care. We are now in the final stage of the project, where the three services are using the CSNAT-MND in practice. We are about to start recruiting carers to explore their experiences of a CSNAT-MND assessment. This work is supported by the MND Association, Marie Curie Cancer Care, and NIHR CLAHRC Greater Manchester.

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