Training Package

What training do we provide?

We currently provide a training and support package for organisations that are interested in implementing The CSNAT Approach.

The development all our training resources is based on our experiences with the implementation of The CSNAT Approach in many different contexts and on feedback from practitioners themselves.


From our overall programme of work we learnt that implementing             The CSNAT Approach in practice requires two things:

1. Practitioners need to learn about The CSNAT Approach and how it can fit with their practice.

2. Their organisation needs to have a clear implementation strategy to support implementation.


 What does our training and support package include?

  • The training is delivered as a one day workshop, bringing together two to three practitioners from different organisations who then take on the role of the CSNAT champions.

  • It uses a ‘train the trainers’ model and includes a range of resources to enable champions to cascade the training to their colleagues and facilitate CSNAT implementation throughout the organisation.

  • External support is provided by the CSNAT team through three post-workshop discussion sessions for champions, by conference call, to share experiences, problem solve and provide a networking opportunity for future support.


Coming soon:

CSNAT online implementation toolkit

To meet national and international demand for CSNAT training, we have developed an online implementation toolkit (designed to replace our face-to-face training sessions). Five palliative services have completed the pilot study and provided us with valuable feedback on toolkit content and usability. Evaluation is underway and the toolkit will become widely available in 2018. 

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