Before you register

We have developed a pre-registration and licensing guide to highlight what is helpful to have in place before registering for the online toolkit. This information will be helpful in guiding your initial discussions with senior management and/or your colleagues within your organisation about your plans to implement The CSNAT Approach. 

  Click here to download the pre-registration and licensing guide.

We also recommend you download The CSNAT Approach summary and overview of the training package documents to help with these discussions.

First steps

You may find it helpful to watch the short video below to hear how Lynne Carmichael and Julie Marshall from Ayrshire Hospice initially became interested in implementing The CSNAT Approach, sought support from management, and developed a project facilitation team to help lead on this work.

 Select this link to to download the video transcript

Maximising the effectiveness of online learning

We have also developed a short video clip with some key recommendations which will help you and your organisation get the most out of this online learning experience. 

 Select this link to download the video transcript

How to register

Our online toolkit is hosted by CLAHRC Greater Manchester. You can register and access the training via their website.

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    Download the ‘How to Register Guide’

Already Registered?

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 Your organisation will need to have a CSNAT licence in place before using the tool in practice as it is protected by copyright. Please click here for more information on the licensing process.