CSNAT team response to the Department of Health’s Carer Strategy: Call for Evidence

The Department of Health is currently in the process of developing a new carer strategy to set out how best to support them and recently launched a call for evidence.

Our submission on 29th July 2016 in response to this call is based on our robust programme of research which has involved responses from over 1000 carers across a range of studies and work with over 500 practitioners on implementation of carer assessment and support throughout the UK. In the submission we provide (1) an executive summary of key aspects of improving support for carers in relation to four of the consultation areas; (2) an outline of our research programme which informs our submission; (3) detailed feedback on each of the identified key aspects of improving support for carers; and (4) our recommendation for a separate focus on support for carers in palliative and end of life care.

To view our submission please click here

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